About us

LHCN is a social enterprise offering support to local communities home and away. We’re actively working with children and young people who are disabled or disadvantaged. Our company values reflect our compassion for children in need and is the fabric of our culture. We welcome all nationalities to our enterprise and endorse the motto ” Every Child Matters” as we work together to provide children with a safe and secure place to grow and learn.

Our Mission

Loving Hands Children’s Network has a mission to feed a child’s hunger through learning, special educational needs and development with parental support.  We believe that all children have a right to learn in a secure and safe environment.

Our Values

  • Love
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Development
  • Fairness
  • Fun

Meet the team

“Together we look to better the lives of children in need”
Jamel Johnson (footballer and LHCN ambassador)