Abigail Thompson (LHCN MD)

Role: Co-founder and Managing Director LHCN

Profession: Special Educational Needs and Learning Support assistant teacher

Geographical Location: London

IMG_9051Abigail is a dedicated mother, mentor and active individual within her community. Having worked with children for over 10 years (since 2003) she has applied her experience and personal skills gained in a variety of working and personal environments.

Abigail is responsible for collaborating with teachers, teaching assistants, special needs assistants, education psychologists, SENDco officers and parents to support children who have additional or different educational needs to the rest of their peer groups.

She finds it an especially rewarding role as it enables her to enhance children's access to learning according to their needs.

Abigail has acquired academic qualifications and experience in;

  • Diploma in childcare and education
  • GNVQ health and social care
  • Autistic specialist training
  • Child protection training
  • Safeguarding children

In June 2016 Abigail became an started working with the Jamaican Education Taskforce-UK (JET-UK) in support of SEND in the BAEM community within the UK diaspora.

In July 2016, she launched her own company with Antoinette Page- Loving Hands Children’s Network (LHCN). LHCN is a community project which aims to provide training, resources and parental workshops for children and their carers from the BAEM community with Special Educational Needs and Disability. Abigail works in a primary school setting with children that have additional or different educational needs.

Abigail has a nephew who suffers from Autism for the past 7 years and is her driving force for local support for parents offering ways to access services from local councils and agencies. Her nephew and students are also her inspiration and reason for her to champion this fantastic company.

In order to expand on her knowledge and experience she will be developing her training in specialist teaching and learning, prior to her studying education psychology in September 2017.

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