Antoinette Page (LHCN MD)

Role: Co-founder and Managing Director (LHCN)

Profession: Human Resources and Fashion Creative Consultant

Geographical Location: London

IMG_6561Antoinette is a highly experienced HR professional who has worked within high profile Media, FMCG and Finanical Services organisations. With over 7 years of experience in the delivery of training programmes to boost Graduate and Apprentice social mixing, employability and community engagement. She is also an advocate of Women In Technology from diverse backgrounds.

Antoinette is the Business Manager of IZELIA a Fashion brand based in the UK. IZELIA's vision is to encourage young designers and independent fashion houses how to maximise every opportunity, provide information, advice and guidance that will ensure the success of their choices.

Antoinette was part of the Jamaican 2012 Olympic Project Team leading 50 volunteers at Jamaica House- UK. Her work received recognition from the High Commissioner Her Excellency, The Honourable Aloun Ndombet-Assamba.

In July 2016, Antoinette launched her own company with Abigail Thompson- Loving Hands Children’s Network (LHCN). LHCN is a community project which aims to provide training, resources and parental workshops for children and their carers from the BAEM community with Special Educational Needs and Disability. Antoinette’s son suffers from Autism for the past 16 years and is her driving force for local support for parents offering ways to access services from local councils and agencies. Her son is also her inspiration and reason for her to champion this fantastic company.

Antoinette is a proud mother of three children and is passionate about young students reaching their full potential. She believes this can be achieved by structured goal setting, setting milestones with built in rewards. She champions the use of technology in learning. Antoinette has also lent her support to several life changing projects in Jamaica aimed at helping its young people.

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