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Nathan Ebanks Foundation
Nathan Eubanks Foundation:The Nathan Ebanks Foundation (NEF) is a Jamaican non-profit organisation founded by the parents of a child with disabilities in Jamaica. Their vision is to see all children with disabilities develop the independence to be able to carry out with dignity their every day living activities such as brushing their own teeth or feeding themself a cookie… things we who have movement take for granted. You can help to give these children the chance to learn how. LHCN will be working with Christine Staple- Ebanks ( Founder) with her campaign across Jamaica. You can also help to by donating to this great cause! Thanks to all who have supported so far.

Check out the NEF website www.nefjamaica.org for ways to get involved or for more information

Anderson Child’s Management

Anderson's Child ManagementThe Anderson Child’s Management organisation is based in Jamaica and their main concern is equality between both parents regarding the welfare of their children. The core function of the organisation is to inform, educate and promote a sense of security for the rights of all children in today’s society.~

The company’s primary aim is to make both parents aware that there is help on hand with child maintenance support and they also provide moral support for both parents. This will aid in providing a wholesome relationship with their children. At LHCN are excited to be invited to share our expertise & be part of the Parenting workshops.