LHCN have been working with local families and children who have been diagnosed with Autism, Speech & Language, Behavioural and Mental Health issues. As part of this pilot project we will be working with a family providing day to day intervention methods and resources that will support young people. The project lead ( Abigail Thompson ) aims to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children and their needs.

Autism Awareness- as part of our SEND initiatives we have met with a family who have agreed to trial our resources and intervention strategies, to help and motivate them. They have a child who suffers from Autism and Mental Health issues; we will be sharing their challenges and celebrating successes through our ground breaking blogs.

In the UK and overseas we will work with various agencies for example Psychological Society Divisions/specialties, educational institutes, healthcare professionals and families, in order to provide feedback on our findings.

This pilot project will offer child X and their family an opportunity to track and follow their progress through a groundbreaking blog as they wish to engage and interact with other families across U.K. and overseas as we know that SEND children are experiencing challenges at school and within the higher education sector due to the removal of additional teaching resources and intervention strategies.