Feeding our Future – Jamaica

Our Breakfast Feeding Project has been developed as a social safety net and an instrument for achieving Millennium Development Goals. This project will target populations that are food insecure from areas with high concentrations of families from low socioeconomic status, or towards schools that face poor attendance and reducing student enrolment.

We aim to roll out this initiative across all parishes of Jamaica then throughout the Caribbean. We will require help to raise both awareness and sustainable funding to enable us to continue this vital and critical work.

By offering a healthy breakfast choice for children and young people with special educational needs as our main objective, this will foster an opportunity to make a difference in societies that have been identified as at risk of malnutrition or suffering from poor dietary meals.

We’ve launched our first batch of products which were delivered by the LHCN Directors on 22nd December 2016. We’re excited to be working with many more Early Childhood Centres across all 14 parishes. Check out our screening on Business Access TV here.

Feeding our Future (FOF) © JA Breakfasts & Healthy eating choices feeding pilot project – St. Richards Primary School and Early Childhood Education Centre, Kingston, Jamaica – July 2016

“Breakfast is categorised as the first and most important meal of the day that follows after a long night’s sleep, during which energy stored are built up. Skipping breakfast puts children at risk and affects their growth and development.” (Dairy Council of California by Claire St John)
“Children who are not eating breakfast are not fueled with the correct energy needed to stimulate their mind and body ready for the day in result of this they become lethargic. Whereas, Children who have had a warm healthy breakfast meal are fueled with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to start the day and have a higher level of alertness.” (Abigail Thompson, St. Richard’s Primary School)