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LHCN Directors joined Boe Comedian on Colourful Radio breakfast show on Saturday 25 March 2017 between 8-10am. The main topic of discussion was around our mental health initiative.

"If you were suffering from a mental illness would / could you tell a friend?"


LHCN recently launched 'Feeding our Future- Jamaica' breakfast campaign at St Richards Primary school and The Early Childhood Education Centre, both based in Kingston, Jamaica. The Caring Hands team followed the journey of both schools and met with the Priniciples, PTA, Catering staff, Parents and the brilliant children. By giving back and ensuring the less fortunate are being helped, this is a dream come true for the team at Loving Hand's Children's Network.

The LHCN team was live on the 12th March 2017, 5pm on Business Access TV channel #185/145 (Jamaica).  Flow Jamaica support was amazing and immensely appreciated. We Thank You for caring and sharing! Click here to Read More


Tony Douglas met up with two dynamic business women from south London, who are championing social action and change in the UK and Jamaica.

Antoinette Page and Abigail Thompson, co-founders of Loving Hands Children's Network support children and young people who have disabilities, or are currently disengaged from society.

They've recently returned from Jamaica having launched the Jamaican arm of their Feeding our Future campaign, which currently provides healthy breakfast choices for children in two primary schools in Kingston with the intention of rolling this out across all the parishes in Jamaica. This campaign aims to improve class attendance and participation from the students by giving them a warm meal to start the day.

  Antoinette explained that it's a great opportunity for food distribution companies or sponsors that would like to give back to Jamaica in a meaningful way. She added that seeing a child's learning capability increase due to this initiative is so rewarding.

In the UK, Loving Hands Children's Network is part of a working group who are committed to the slogan #BeBoldForChange on matters such as black mental health awareness, services and issues from early childhood. The team confirms that they will focus on action based solutions which includes a community campaign and lobbying for change in policy on areas that are negatively impacting on black mental health and well-being across all social sectors in the UK.

This is a topic that will resonate with a lot of people and there is a wealth of resources and information available here.